Are you passionate? Are you hungry? Are you on a mission to achieve your best self no matter the cost? If you are… YOU ARE SAVAGE.

Savages are those who do not limit themselves, those who do not fear, those who remove any obstacle in their way. The journey to reaching your utmost potential is long and challenging. Just like a sculptor shaping a rock into his masterpiece, you must possess the right tools… and that is what we are here for.

Savage Fitgear was birthed from our desire to get fit and healthy, while looking fierce and fabulous. Imagine waking up each morning and having that which can withstand your intensity, supplements that boost your results, and apparel that complements your beauty… all while feeling fantastic inside and out!

We believe in this transformative journey!! And thanks to our awesome community, we are able to push our "Every kids needs a Playground" Iniative and give 1% of every sale to a school in need of a playground or fitness equipment for their physical education program. Together we will attain our fitness goals and make the world a better place!! Nothing will stop us, no one can get in our way. WE ARE… SAVAGE!