10 Benefits of training with Battle Ropes

Men and women alike are searching for fresh exercises to improve and level up their fitness routines. After all, being healthy and fit these days is a must!!!  

Battle rope training is the latest full body workout that you can try. This intense metabolic workout can increase power, strength, and endurance. Whether you want to lose weight or build muscle, or you simply want to workout legs or arms, here are the top 10 benefits of battle rope training.

1. Workouts are Fast 
If you are cramped for time with work or other responsibilities, and there is no way you can spend three hours at the gym. The good news is that battle rope training will only take up 30 minutes or less of your time.

2. Melts Fat Like Crazy 
Doing your HIIT training with battle rope training will help you burn lots of calories and lose weight as a result. This means around 300 to 500 calories can be shed off for every half hour, something you can never achieve with a leisurely jog.

3. Lose Weight and Build Muscle Simultaneously 
Battle rope is the best workout for core training, and it lets you kill two birds with one stone. Battle ropes are among the most efficient means for pushing your metabolism and muscles to a completely different level at the same time.

4. Spend Time Outdoors
With no need for any complex workout equipment and with only your battle rope and workout gloves at hand, this form of training lets you train outdoors as much as you can so you can breathe in fresh air.

5. Take Your Ropes Anywhere
Battle ropes can be easily stored in your small duffle bag, with the biggest ones weighing only 30 lbs. This means that whether you are hitting the beach or going somewhere, you can always take your ropes with you with ease.

6. Keep Your Workouts Fresh 
A quick search online will give you tons of battle rope training ideas enough to last your whole life.  See table below for exercises you can use.

10 Benefits of training with Battle Ropes

7. Easy and Simple Set Up
You just need an anchor point such as a railing, phone poll, or even the foot of your workout partner, and you can already get started with your training. No complex setups are involved at all.

8. Low Impact with Big Results
Even though battle rope workouts have the tendency to be brutal and intense, you can always tone it down to your specific fitness level.

9. Work Several Muscles All At Once
From your abdominals, to your arms, legs, shoulders, and biceps, all of these muscles can be worked when you opt for battle rope training.

10. It's Better with a Partner 
You can stay more motivated with battle rope training as it lets you work out with a partner. This way, there is someone who can keep you in check and push you to stick to your routine. 

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